Not really the end of the season and Ironman Cozumel as I wanted….

A good and comfortable swim witht the frontgroup in perfect conditions and a a wonderfull view under the water. Exited the water after 44min as 3rd male pro.

Out on the bike where the wind was the biggest problem… Good pace together with Stefan Schmid (winner) where we biked away from the rest of the field.

Out on the run together with Stefan and we did the first 21km together. Then I decided to go harder and got a gap down to him. After some kilometers my stomach started to hurt… And hurt more. A quick stop at a toilet and tried to continue, but no…

After some weeks with a bussy mind, problems with an injury exc I didn’t have the menatlity to push throu it… Really sad to have that end of 2015, but I just have to look back at a season where I also broke the swedish Ironman record and won Ironman Sweden/Kalmar.

What to learn from this race? If you are not prepared, both physically and mentally, don’t race… And a boost for myself to 2016, I am able tto race at this kind of race. The startfield was superb, so not matter what I am happy to be “up there”.

Now time for some off season together with Teresa Heimann Olsen – triatlet and christmas. Then it is just to start the training for 2016… Smiley like

Thank you to family, friends and sponsors who are the biggest part of this!

Thank you!