Still can’t believe, that I raced the race of my life so far, just yesterday!
I knew that it would be a fast race, with the strongest PRO field, that I have ever raced in.
But I was ready, I was focused, I was hungry and I had FUN!
But to brake my own IM record with 20 min from last year, is still unbelievable – 7.49:18h.

Before the start I was really nervous… I knew I would be able to keep up with the front group, but after a small injury in my cheest, I had a short break from swiming 1month ago. So I was nervous and not really sure how hard it would be. I was talking with Will Clarke before the start and decided to stay close to him and keep his feets. It worked perfect! I had a good start and didn’t have any big issues to keep up with the front group during the swim.

I did a quick transition, to keep a good position and got out on the bike as number 3. (5th up from the water?)

I lost some 100meters to the first two guys on the start of the bike, but was able to close the gap together with Andreas Raelert and Fabio Carvalho(?). On the bike the pace was high, steady and the group of 5athletes worked well together and kept a good pace. After 100km two Will and Igor Amorelli droped the group and it was me, Andreas and Fabio who keept the lead and was first to T2.

The plan on the run was to run with Andreas Raelert and just focusing on the discipline, which is my strongest weapon. In to transition Andreas made a short toilet stop and suddenly I was alone… I decided to keep a good pace, so the chaser wouldn’t catch me to easy. I keept the distance to Andreas and later Will took over the 2nd place.

After 25km it was my turn to stop for a toilet visit. I got times from my coach that I had 7min to Will and decided I had the time to make a short stop… It was the right thing to do, and after the short stop I feelt much lighter!

The last lap just flew bye and I could keep the pace, enjoy the last part and cross the finnishline at a new personal best, course record and swedish/nordic record at 7.49:18h.

Never expected that one, but couldn’t be happier!!

Thank you to Teresa, friends and sponsors for support and making this possible!! It is all thanks to you!

Now plans are made for the future and what races will come up ahead… Thank you!